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Film News

Russo Brothers Want Marvel To Introduce LGBT Superhero Into The MCU


Marvel is going to lose the race to get the first solo female superhero film into theaters when Warner Bros. releases WONDER WOMAN next year, but the CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR directors believe Marvel can still introduce another underrepresented group in a future film: LGBT. During an interview with Collider, Joe and Anthony Russo said there is a “strong chance” of Marvel introducing...

Film Reviews



Director: Ricky Gervais Cast: Ricky Gervais, Eric Bana, Vera Farmiga, Kelly Macdonald, Kevin Pollack, America Ferrera and Raúl Castillo Rating: R Running Time: 100 minutes I like Ricky Gervais. THE OFFICE and EXTRAS are generally considered as two of the greatest British comedy works that have gone on to effectively change the way comedy now functions, both in Britain and internationally. His...

Film Trailers

Things Get Weird In NO STRANGER THAN LOVE Trailer


Alison Brie is someone who just isn’t in front of the camera enough, seriously I need more films with her in. The loving actress has a starring role in a little film called NO STRANGER THAN LOVE, which just screams strange! The story seems pretty simple, Brie’s character is in search for love and suddenly comes across Colin Hanks character, that is until he falls down a hole in her...

Film Posters

Meet The Crew With Nine New THE NICE GUYS Character Posters

THE NICE GUYS_Teaser Poster

With every new piece of marketing and promotional material released for Shane Black’s THE NICE GUYS, I find myself more and more excited for the film. The film oozes the style of a 1970s’ America, and Black’s writing and directing seems very comfortable in the buddy investigation film. Sadly, the film is still a few weeks away. Following up on the retro style trailer released...


DREDD Series Is Being Discussed According To Karl Urban


A few weeks ago the Judge Dredd himself, Karl Urban, lead to Twitter to reveal he’d love a Netflix or Amazon DREDD series. Now, we’d be guessing it’d be based on his interpretation of DREDD considering Urban played the character best after Sylvester Stallone’s stab at the character way back when. Turns out, that little boost from Urban may have sparked some things as the...


Screen Relish’s Saturday Screamer: GINGER SNAPS

We here at Screen Relish love a good horror movie. So much so, we’ve decided every Saturday to bring you a retrospective look back at perhaps some of those genre entries that have been underrated, unfairly forgotten, missed and abandoned or just so damn good that we needed to scream it from the rooftops. Today’s title is… GINGER SNAPS picks at most of the same adolescent scabs as Brian DePalma’s...

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Creators: Jeppe Gjervig Gram Cast: Thomas Bo Larsen, Natalie Madueño, Ebsen Smed Jensen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Thomas Hwan, Lucas Hansen, Claes Ljungmark, Lars Simonsen, Julie Grundtvig Wester, Villum Eneström Valsten, Line Kruse Running Time: 582 minutes Rating: 15 Nordic Noir has taken over television over the past few years with its dark plots, complex characters and gritty atmosphere with the...