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Film News

THE PURGE Director Says TV Spin-Off In The Works


THE PURGE trilogy have actually been some refreshing horror films for the big screen. Managing to have a trilogy, which got better with time, the films look to be taking the story to the small screen with a TV spin-off. The films revolve around 12 hours a year where in America there is no law. During this time people are basically allow dot kill, to purge the country but it’s up to people...

Film Reviews

Love It Or Leave It? US Cinematic Review Roundup September 30th


Today we’re doing our regular rounding up of the pick of the week’s US cinematic releases to see what’s worth a visit to the local multiplex, what’s probably best left to a later viewing at home and what’s not worth wasting your precious time at all… Love it – or leave it! DEEPWATER HORIZON – dir. Peter Berg George Wolf opens his review by stating that DEEPWATER HORIZON has...

Film Trailers

Asa Butterfield Is Out Of This World In THE SPACE BETWEEN US Trailer


Asa Butterfield brings his boyish charm to space, more specifically Mars in this latest sci-fi film. THE SPACE BETWEEN US sees Butterfield on Mars with no one to speak to besides his counterpart robot, except he’s gained a strong relationship with a young girl all the way back on Earth, talk about long-distance. Check out the latest THE SPACE BETWEEN US trailer below: The film is looking...

Film Posters

DOCTOR STRANGE Gets New IMAX Trailer & Character Posters


The latest superhero for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is coming, and no it isn’t LUKE CAGE (which comes Friday) but instead the magical master himself, Sorcerer Supremer DOCTOR STRANGE. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch, this film is being huge hyped, mainly because it’s the latest new addition solo film we’re getting. Cumberbatch plays Stephen Strange, aka DOCTOR STRANGE, who after...


Netflix Release First Trailer For Series THE CROWN


Netflix look to have delivered yet another high performance series with THE CROWN. The series looks at Queen Elizabeth II at just 25-years old as she takes on the monarchy at a time when the British Empire was in decline and politics across the globe was all over the place. Developing relations with the then Prime Minister Winston Churchill, this is looking to be a brilliant show. Check out the...


Screen Relish’s Saturday Screamer: THE BABADOOK


We here at Screen Relish love a good horror movie. So much so, we’ve decided every Saturday to bring you a retrospective look back at perhaps some of those genre entries that have been underrated, unfairly forgotten, missed and abandoned or just so damn good that we needed to scream it from the rooftops. Today’s title is… You’re exhausted – just bone-deep tired – and for the umpteenth...

Home Entertainment



Director: Tom Nagel Cast: Brian Nagel, Lauren Compton, Andrew Staton, Katie Keene Running Time: 86 minutes Rating: NR The film CLOWNTOWN is inspired by true events. Sure it is. It’s also in line for countless Oscars. That’s sarcasm – sometimes it doesn’t translate that well in print, but CLOWNTOWN is definitely not going to win any Oscars. And inspired by true events? You be the judge. Two...