Derek Series 2: Episde 6 Review

Posted on May 29 2014 - 11:38pm by Lucinda Holt


Directed By: Ricky Gervais

Written By: Ricky Gervais

Starring: Ricky Gervais, David Earl, Holli Dempsey, Kerry Godliman, Brett Goldstein, Colin Hoult

If you remember the last series finale of DEREK, you’ll know how touching it was and how it left you feeling all warm inside. The finale of series two had a lot to live up to but I had a good feeling as the last few episodes had been particularly great.

The episode opens with Derek and Kev finding an old bike in the skip and Kev tries to teach Derek how to ride it. This is no easy task as Derek just keeps falling off. Also in this episode we find out that Derek’s dad is dying, and instead of it being really sad, there is something very uplifting about it. Derek isn’t afraid of death and he just wants to spend the last few hours with his dad, which is wonderful.

Hannah informs Derek that he has a date set up on his dating profile and his dad agrees that he needs to go and enjoy himself. Obviously very nervous, Derek writes a list of things to talk about and snazzes himself up in one of his best cardigans.

Geoff cruelly shakes a can of pop up and gives it to Derek so it sprays all over him. At this point I think I sat right forward and just waited for the punch as Kev rushes in to give Geoff a piece of his mind. However, as soon as Geoff pushes Kev, Derek goes into stealth mode and has him up against the wall with his hand on his throat, whilst apologising of course. Derek is a bad ass!

As he leaves, Hannah explains to Geoff that he doesn’t need to be so much of a **** all the time, he seem to take this in and offers to make everyone a cup of tea.  Tea of course makes everything right again in this country. This is all rather odd. As much as I wanted to see him get punched and leave, this is actually much better. I was so proud of Derek for sticking up for himself.

Derek’s date is at a French restaurant and it’s so sweet and funny. The girl is just like Derek and after a panic that he has forgotten his list of questions, she lends him her list of questions. So lovely!

Derek and his date are appalled that the restaurant serve frogs legs and snails so they both order the chicken and then eat the freshen up towels afterwards  An easy mistake, those things usually smell so good. The date ends on a good note, Derek seems chuffed to bits. I really hope the next series explores this more as this was such a nice addition.

The show ends with Derek sat with his dad for his last hours. I know I use the word lovely a lot when I talk about this show, but it really is. Derek mentions how he loves to dream as he talks to animals, his mum and now we will know that he will talk to his dad the same way. The last shot is beautiful as we see Derek following the funeral car riding the old bike like an old pro, as a shocked Hannah and Kev look on in amazement.

After a slow start to the series, I think this has been on a totally different level to series one. I was really concerned that Karl Pilkington’s departure would affect my enjoyment but it hasn’t. I still miss Karl, who doesn’t love to watch Karl? But it is such a great show with or without him. Ricky Gervais, please keep writing for Derek. I have never known a show affect people like this does. Wednesday nights will now be very dull in my house.

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