ITV Releases News Over ‘Thunderbirds’ Remake

Posted on Jun 12 2014 - 8:23pm by Fred McNamara


ITV have offered more glimpses into their CGI/live-action remake of Thunderbirds. Entitled Thunderbirds are Go! and set for a 2015 release, only a few sneak images have managed to find their way onto the internet – such as this in-progress sketch of a redesigned Thunderbird 1 and this brief viral teaser featuring Thunderbird 2.

Now ITV have announced they intend to reveal more information about the show at their upcoming Licensing Expo in Vegas. To promote this, ITV have released this poster (courtesy of Film Divider) showing a hanger bay door with the show’s logo sprawled on it. The door, ajar, reveals a sneak shot at the Thunderbird 2 seen in the viral ad.

While details of what exactly will be revealed are elusive, it’s safe to assume they shan’t be revealing too much vital information as the show still has a year or so to go until its broadcast. One of the few solid pieces of information fans have to go on at the moment is the announcement of the cast some months ago, which includes Rosamund Pike as Lady Penelope and seasoned actor David Graham returning to the role of Parker.

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