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There is a play, not just any play but one so controversial upon its debut that it was banned. Then a movie of that play and then…there is a documentary about the movie of the play. Sound intense? Well who else to bring us this mind-time-bending-muti-disciplinary experience but Mr. Intensity himself; Al Pacino.

For those who have forgotten their history of British theater, Oscar Wilde’s play Salome, written originally in French in 1891, had its planned debut on the London stage in 1892 with Sarah Bernhardt. However, it was blocked by the licensor of plays under Lord Chamberlain on the grounds that one cannot portray as it was illegal to depict on stage characters from the Bible. 

Pacino’s film SALOME , although completed in 2013, will now finally be released with the documentary WILDE SALOME chronicling the making of SALOME. It appears that Oscar Wilde’s play has seeped deep into every cell of Pacino’s being (the apropos question here being what doesn’t…). No doubt beyond the mere mechanics of filming a play, as well as a film of that filming, will be forays inside Pacino’s head, heart and passion for this work of art.  A huge bonus and in my opinion the reward for all this delirium? Both films star Jessica Chastain as Salome. With her red hair, red veils and red blood I am compelled on a visual basis alone.

At this time the double screening will be only in the UK as Stephen Fry is hosting said screening on Sunday, September 21st.

Instead of a cup of coffee or tea today – just watch the trailer.

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