A Beginners Guide To The DC Universe: GREEN LANTERN

Posted on Nov 17 2014 - 8:21pm by ScreenRelish Staff

Recently, Warner Bros studios and DC Comics announced ten new films being released between 2016-2020. One of the films on the list caught my attention; I was very interested and excited to see a reboot of GREEN LANTERN, scheduled for June 19th 2020 release. This reboot has a lot to live up to with failure of its 2011 predecessor starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Martin Campbell. The interest lies in what direction will this new reboot take? And will it be an origin story?


One direction that can be taken, is sticking with the Green Lantern character Hal Jordon. Just a little back story for those unfamiliar with Green Lantern, Hal Jordan is an arrogant and cocky test pilot for Ferris aircraft when one day a dying alien known as Abin Sur falls to earth giving Hal his power ring. The power ring works off of concentration and the power of pure will, with help of imagination the bearer can create any objects made with green energy which have become known as constructs. Hal then finds himself part of the Green Lantern corp, an interstellar police force created by ancient beings known as the guardians.

A good style to base a new reboot on would be that of the 2009 animated origin movie GREEN LANTERN FIRST FLIGHT, directed by Lauren Montgomery. This movie has a slightly darker feel to it approaching betrayal from Hal’s partner in the Green lantern corp. Sinestro turns to the power of fear and tries to overrule the Guardian’s in attempt to control the universe. Overall, the animated movie is about the sheer power of will overcoming fear and would be a great tone to set for the 2020 reboot.


Another fact most people do not know about Green Lantern is that there are several reincarnations of the character that can be used. John Stewart for instance is the second most popular Green Lantern next to Hal Jordon and using this character would definitely set any reboot apart from the 2011 version. Before joining the Green Lantern corp, John Stewart was formerly a U.S marine, he received his power ring as a back up to replace Hal Jordon when he was injured in battle. John Stewart made appearances in the 2001 Justice League animated series created by Bruce Timm, but has not made any other animated TV or movie presence since, so a live action version could be John’s time to shine.

What more can we expect? Green Lantern, either version of the character is still part of a interstellar police force so we can assume that parts of the film will be set in space or on Oa the home planet of the Green Lantern corp, which gives the opportunity for visually stunning effects and breath taking character’s. Being part of the Justice League it wouldn’t be surprising if some cameo’s popped up in the reboot.


Although we still have over five years to wait, I highly recommend watching the 2009 animated movie FIRST FLIGHT and 2011’s GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD KNIGHT, directed by Jay Oliva, Lauren Montgomery and Chris Berkeley. The latter is a series of Green Lantern stories told by Hal Jordan to a new recruit. The newest animated movie you can see Green lantern in is the 2014 adaptation of JUSTICE LEAGUE: ORIGINS and JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR. Do check them out.

GREEN LANTERN is set for June 19th 2020 and has no director or cast attached at this point.

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