Ross Marquand Joins THE WALKING DEAD

Posted on Jan 15 2015 - 9:20pm by Matthew Reay


We don’t know what to expect from the second half of season five of hit AMC show THE WALKING DEAD, but one thing we do know is, it’ll be bringing a lot of new faces. That’s great considering the show is almost on par with how many characters seem to get killed off.

One new cast member is Ross Marquand, who you might recognise as Paul Newman from that other hit AMC show MAD MEN. No announcement has attached the actor to a specific role yet, but theories spreading across the land of the internet points the actor towards one very specific role. During the back half of season five it’ll look like Rick’s group will be heading towards Washington D.C. Along the road they come across a character in the graphic novel called Aaron, who leads them to a safe haven for humanity called Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Robert Kirkman said the second half of the season will focus on part of the Alexandria Safe-Zone story arc seen from the graphic novel. Kirkman also said season five would bring a prominent gay character to the scene, which also points to Aaron. It stands to reason Kirikman is pointing us all in the direction of the new character Aaron, however showrunner Scott Gimple is currently keeping his lips zipped shut.

After how Rick and the gang have gone on after the fall of the prison, it’ll perhaps be nice to see some new characters in a new community and see just how things don’t work out for them. We know from a recent trailer that the group is now all about sticking together! It’s about time after five seasons now of touch and go with some characters, it now seems everyones sort of resolved their problems with each other.

We’ll have to see how long the Alexandria Safe-Zone story arc lasts, considering the last arc with Terminus and the cannibals lasted all of four episodes, but I suppose the getting to terminus was a huge part of the second half of season four.

There’s a lot to ask about when he come to the rest of season five, like what is Morgan up to and will he be on the trail of Rick heading to D.C. Also who is leaving the markings on the trees which Morgan keeps following, and could this be the people of Alexandria Safe-Zone doing this?

We will have to wait to see what happens when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 8th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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