EXCLUSIVE! Simon West Updates On THE BLOB, Set To Shoot August

Posted on Mar 10 2015 - 12:28pm by Craig Hunter


As a first-time filmmaker, British director Simon West got off to a cracking start with his all-star action adventure CON AIR. His most recent project, the Jason Statham Vegas-set thriller WILD CARD, sees him back in the genre where it all started and working alongside the bald beefcake for a third time.

Speaking to West ahead of the UK release of WILD CARD, we got the drop on one of his upcoming projects – a remake of the cult sci-fi/horror classic THE BLOB, which was actually turned into a pretty enjoyable remake in 1988 by Chuck Russell and screenwriter Frank Darabont. West is currently in London shooting combat thriller STRATTON with MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN V SUPERMAN’s Henry Cavill and says:

“THE BLOB will be happening right after. In August or October and that takes a little more planning because we’ve got to design the creature. It’s going to be much more sci-fi than the original. It’s a bigger scale type of movie. It’s more ALIEN meets PREDATOR and designing the creature is a long and involved process cause its very sophisticated. It’s not going to be the goo pouring through windows. So, that’s taking a while to design and construct that.”

WILD CARD is released in UK cinemas March 20 and co-stars Sofia Vergara, Stanley Gucci, Jason Alexander, Milo Ventmiglia, Michael Angarano, Hope Davis and Anne Heche. Look out for our more in-depth interview with West coming soon and you can find our review of WILD CARD right HERE.

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