Fan Expo 2015 – Q&A With Karen Gillan

Posted on Sep 5 2015 - 6:58am by Jonathan Encarnacion

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Karen Gillan’s Q&A Panel took place on Friday at Fan Expo Canada 2015, and she had some amusing things to say & entertain the fans.

Below are some of our video and photo highlights.

1. On the Role of Nebula and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2


Karen Gillan talks about what little she can reveal on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and on what it took to prepare for the role of Nebula.

2. On Her Favorite DOCTOR WHO Things


Karen Gillan talks about her favorite Doctor Who episodes, favorite Who Villan, and favorite companion.

3. On Her New Horror Short CONVENTIONAL


Karen Gillan gives a synopsis of her second short film CONVENTIONAL, a horror short to be released online later this year. She mentions she hasn’t been allowed to tweet about it, so show your support by seeking it out as it approaches release!

4. Her Pitch for a Role in STAR WARS


Karen Gillan throws an idea out there for a role she could play in the STAR WARS franchise – and perhaps, her answer may be what you’d expect!

5. What Musical Would Karen Gillan Want to Be In?


Karen Gillan talks about what musical she’d want to be in, and the answer might surprise you. Before talking about that, she’s asked to sing a Gaelic song she learned in school.

6. Karen is Asked to Create an Improv DOCTOR WHO Episode


Karen Gillan is asked to create a Doctor Who story on-the-fly – here’s she funny answer she comes up with 🙂

7. On Returning to DOCTOR WHO and More


Karen Gillan shares some thoughts on whether she’d end up back on Doctor Who, and on the show in general.

Would she want to have been the companion of any other Doctor? How would she change Amy & Rory’s ending?

She also talks about the experience of coming back for The Time of the Doctor special, and – the ultimate question – whether she’d really marry Rory or the Doctor.


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