Fan Expo 2015 – Q&A With Jenna Coleman

Posted on Sep 10 2015 - 6:34pm by Jonathan Encarnacion

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Jenna Coleman’s panel was one of the last to close out the Fan Expo Sunday, with perhaps the longest lineup for entry for the entire weekend. Here she talks to a full-house auditorium in room 102 of the Metro Convention Center, answering fan questions on behind the scenes antics, Clara’s character development, and Series 9 of DOCTOR WHO (premiering September 19th).


1. On the Role of Clara


Jenna Coleman talks about the development of Clara Oswald – from being a one-episode role to becoming The Doctor’s latest companion. Jumping into the Doctor’s timeline gives her a unique significance to the Time Lord; and in personality, she’s the companion that ‘asks the questions’.

Most importantly, can Jenna Coleman actually make a souffle?


2. On the Future of Clara


Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) shares where she feels would be the best direction for Clara as the series progresses. Where would she like her and the Doctor to go? Can she handle another regeneration? Where does she see Clara’s story ending?


3. DOCTOR WHO Series 9

Jenna Coleman goes in-depth on what to expect from her character, Clara Oswald, in DOCTOR WHO Series 9; in short, her motivations will sharply contrast what we saw in Series 8. She also gives a quick rundown of the monsters and guest stars we can expect to see.


4. On The Doctor


Jenna is asked questions that examine her relationship with The Doctor. As a companion who’s traveled with two radically different regenerations of him, what’s most difficult about continuing the adventure? And despite all the challenges in Series 8, is Clara in love with the Doctor?

Jenna Coleman gives the answers on behalf of her character here.
5. Candid Moments Behind the Scenes


Has Jenna ever taken anything from the set? Why was Peter Capaldi found soaking wet after going missing at 3am? What’s a way some of the actors learn to say ‘Doctor’ 10 different ways?

Jenna Coleman shares some of the inside stories and jokes that come with being a part of the Doctor Who world.
6. Life After DOCTOR WHO


Jenna Coleman talks about roles and artistic pursuits she’d give a go after bidding goodbye to DOCTOR WHO in the future.


7. DOCTOR WHO – Series 9 Talk and “What’s With All the Flirting Today?”


While giving a few small tidbits on DOCTOR WHO Series 9, Jenna gives a demo of her ‘best/worst’ impressions of a Dalek and a Scotsman, talks having lunch breaks with mummies and monsters, and gets chatted up in these silly panel segments.

What’s the strangest question she’s ever had in a panel? These might hit the top ten of that list!


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DOCTOR WHO Series 9 premieres September 19th on BBC One in the UK, and Space in North America.

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