Fan Expo 2015 – Q&A With Jason Momoa (AQUAMAN)

Posted on Sep 11 2015 - 5:53pm by Jonathan Encarnacion

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Jason Momoa took to a panel on Fan Expo Saturday, and of course, he was engaged with questions for his upcoming role as Aquaman in DC’s JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Many fans know him for the roles he’s defined – Ronon Dex in STARGATE ATLANTIS, and KHAL DROGO on GAME OF THRONES; he’s also taken on the part of CONAN in 2011’s CONAN THE BARBARIAN. At the panel, Momoa gets to talk about his time with these characters, discuss other creative pursuits, and have fun with the audience through his own brand of humor. Check out the clips below.


1. On Aquaman


Jason Momoa talks about his upcoming role as Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe, starting with BATMAN V SUPERMAN. What he can – and can’t – say is actually just as humorous as it is entertaining; he even responds to the Aquaman-related ‘fish jokes’.


2. On Game of Thrones


Jason Momoa recalls some stories from his time on GAME OF THRONES, including the times when he’d go to the bar after shooting… with mascara still on his face. Who does he think should sit on the Iron Throne?


3. On His Portrayal of Conan


Jason Momoa talks about what source materials he gravitated to for his portrayal of Conan the Barbarian. How does he compare it to Schwarzenegger’s version?


4. Stunt Mishaps on STARGATE ATLANTIS


During his time a Ronan Dex on STARGATE ATLANTIS, Jason Momoa recalls a particular funny mishap that singles out Rachel Lutrell 🙂




Just as you’d expect at a celebrity panel, Jason Momoa gets asked some silly questions. “What’s your favorite Canadian food?” “Can you re-enact the Danerys honeymoon scene with me?” It isn’t just his responses that generate some laughs, but the cadence by which he escalates his answers. How far does he turn it up??



6. On ROAD TO PALOMA and The Role That Got Away


Jason Momoa talks about ROAD TO PALOMA, a film that explores certain injustices on Native American Reservations, which he also wrote and directed. Momoa says that his role in the film is the closest to his own personality that he’s played.

He also shares what role he’s read for that he didn’t end up getting. For what film / show? HINT: it’s a remake of a classic film, due 2016, directed by Antoine Fuqua.

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