New UK Trailer Attacks For Comic Slasher THE FINAL GIRLS

Posted on Sep 30 2015 - 4:23pm by Craig Hunter


Not to be confused with the directorial debut of Tyler Shields with Abigail Breslin-led thriller FINAL GIRL (our review here), acclaimed festival hit THE FINAL GIRLS has a new UK trailer.

The film has highly impressed horror fans since premiering at SXSW and TIFF, with the comic horror putting a refreshing spin on the slasher in much the same way Wes Craven’s SCREAM became a breath of fresh air to the genre in 1996.

Directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson (who is best known as the brains behind A VERY HAROLD AND KUMUR 3D CHRISTMAS), the film follows a girl who bizarrely becomes trapped in a 1980s horror movie which happened to star her late mother.

When Max (Taissa Farmiga) and her friends reluctantly attend an anniversary screening of “Camp Bloodbath,” the infamous ‘80s horror film that starred Max’s late mother (Malin Akerman), they are mysteriously sucked into the silver screen. They soon realize they are trapped inside the cult classic movie and must team up with the fictional and ill-fated camp counselors, including Max’s mum as the scream queen, to battle the film’s machete-wielding killer. With the body count rising in scene after iconic scene, who will be the final girls left standing and live to escape this film?  THE FINAL GIRLS is a genre-bending horror comedy also starring Adam DeVine, Thomas Middleditch, Alia Shawkat, with Alexander Ludwig and Nina Dobrev.

THE FINAL GIRLS stars Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, Nina Dobrev, Alia Shawkat, Thomas Middleditch, Adam Devine, and just to make things even more confusing, Alexander Ludwig, who also features in the aforementioned FINAL GIRL. It hits DVD and Digital HD Monday October 12.

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