Posted on Oct 6 2015 - 2:35pm by Rachel Willis

chasing the muse

Director: Jean-Francois Davy

Starring: Jean-Francois Davy, Kitty Kat

Rating: X

Running Time: 100 minutes

If Tommy Wiseau made an erotic documentary, you’d probably have something very similar to Jean-Francois Davy’s latest film, CHASING THE MUSE.

Davy places himself in front of the camera for his documentary about his search across Eastern Europe for his next film ingénue. To say nothing of the film’s subject matter, which involves repetitive and endless scenes of women in various states of undress pleasuring the director in numerous ways, the film is a poorly made musing on the Puritanical views of sex in our society. While Davy does have a point about the way sex is unnecessarily censored, particularly female sexuality, he has made a film that fails in every way.

The repetition of scenes, which are supposed to inspire an appreciation of female beauty, are boring. There is nothing that distinguishes one scene from the next, and the awkward shots and camera angles don’t inspire appreciation. The dialogue between the actors and the director is monotonous. The same questions are asked, the same answers are given, and if the director is particularly taken with a women, he’ll ask her to perform fellatio on him while he films her from above.

Interspersed in the endless auditions are shots of the cities that Davy and his crew visit while on their quest. It is clear Davy thinks he’s a keen observer of sexuality and beauty, but his narrative musings are immature and pretentious.

Davy layers scenes on top of each other, focusing primarily on eyes. The audience can tell when Davy is particularly taken with a woman as close-ups of her eyes are layered over shots of her nude figure. The effect is uninteresting and unnecessary.

Davy’s muse is the young, blue-eyed Kitty Kat. There is something about Kitty that speaks to Davy, and so he invites her to film a sex scene with him. The scene is long, awkward, and the look on Kitty’s face conveys nothing but boredom as Davy maneuvers her body as he likes. There is nothing pleasing or erotic about the scene which lasts an unbearably long time. During the endless seeming sexual encounter, shots of the ocean are layered above the couple while Davy revels in the encounter.

Unlike his first documentary, EXHIBITION, which is an interesting and well-made movie about adult film star Claudine Beccaire, Davy has managed to make a boring, un-erotic movie that somehow fails as a pornography, an erotic art house film, and as a documentary.


A two-film DVD that includes both CHASING THE MUSE and EXHIBITION is scheduled to release 6 October from Artsploitation Films.

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