Affleck’s Solo BATMAN Film Has Some Plot Details Revealed!

Posted on Oct 30 2015 - 11:48pm by Matthew Reay

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Ben Affleck will fight SUPERMAN next year as he dons the Bruce Wayne/BATMAN persona in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and Affleck is also set to write, direct and of course star in his own BATMAN solo outing in a few years to come.

Although we only know rough details about plots in BATMAN V SUPERMAN, we’ve now got our first details on some plots on what may come about in the solo BATMAN film, which looks to take some tips from the “Death In The Family” and “Under The Red Hood” storylines.


Job got the exclusive on the details, stating that we’ll be seeing Red Hood have a major role in the film. Now, to start off, BATMAN V SUPERMAN has teased some of this out already with the Robin suit and the Joker spray painting “Jokes On You.” Lets rewind to the Red Hood character. Now, back in the 80’s readers where left to vote for Jason Todd, the Robin of the time, as to whether he would live or die during the “Death in The Family” storyline. fans didn’t like the latest Robin and voted to see his demise and what a grizzly one it was as the Joker pummelled him to death. Parts of this storyline could be appearing in the solo outing through flashbacks and from other parts of the BATMAN V SUPERMAN trailer, it does show an interesting newspaper page with red writing scrawled across saying “you let your family die.”

The rough plot currently seems like Red Hood, a.k.a Jason Todd, will be residing in the shadows and acting similarly to BATMAN, however, showing BATMAN in a bad light, whilst the Joker is also likely to appear as one of the main villains through the film.


It seems we’ll be getting some Nightwing action as well with Dick Grayson, the first Robin, who will probably be helping BATMAN through his journey to uncover the Red Hood. It also seems BATMAN V SUPERMAN won’t have direct cameos from either Todd or Grayson, however, we will be seeing references for both characters and also possibly a Todd cameo in some way in the upcoming SUICIDE SQUAD later next year as well.

Affleck will be working with Geoff Johns to write the script for the film, but we don’t know how closely they might be adapting the “Death In A Family” story and “Under The Red Hood” story. Personally, being a huge BATMAN fan, I feel this is the best direction to go in for the character and his large amount of stories. We’ve seen the BATMAN origin plenty of times and we all know the character well enough by now to easily slide into some more darker territory with some great adapting material for the solo films. Affleck is the perfect candidate to direct the film as he proved in his film ARGO.

It’ll be interesting to see how DC and Warner Bros. progress with their expanded universe, clearly showing signs with these details that they’ll be going to some lengths to create some fantastic stories.

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE hits theatres March 25, 2016.


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