Is Our Favourite Serial Killer DEXTER Returning?

Posted on Nov 30 2015 - 12:27pm by Matthew Reay


It’s only been a couple of years without our favourite and loveable murderer DEXTER but after a disappointing season finale, it does seem like fans have always craved for more. It might be possible that the series could return from network Showtime.

DEXTER ended in one of the worst ways it could have, disappointing many as (spoiler) he moved on from his Miami lifestyle to be a tree cutter. I do wish that was a lie, but sadly the showrunners just gave up in the end. So many better routes could have been taken but we got that one and they now have to stick with it – or do they?

It’s now being rumoured that DEXTER may just return and it was all sparked off by the Showtime DEXTER Twitter which posted this odd picture during Thanksgiving last week:

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.59.24

Showtime once said they’d only ever return to the series if Michael C. Hall returns, but according to Uproxx the actor says he wouldn’t be returning to the DEXTER series. A spin-off was thought about as DEXTER rolled up to its final series, but ideas were clearly scrapped.

DEXTER premiered in 2006 to critical acclaim, however, four seasons in and the show began to lose its touch on storylines after that. Although we may not see a DEXTER return right now, it is possible Michael C. Hall could come back in the near future to put an end to that dreadful finale and final few seasons we had that disappointed many.

What do you think of a DEXTER return, or should the series perhaps stay dead?

Source: Twitter, UpRoxx

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