Peter Jackson To Direct DOCTOR WHO?

Posted on Nov 30 2015 - 8:16pm by Fred McNamara


THE LORD OF THE RINGS/THE HOBBIT director Peter Jackson unveiled a humorous video to his Facebook page earlier that suggests he may well be directing an upcoming episode of DOCTOR WHO – not just because Peter Capaldi himself shows up!

In the video, Jackson is busying himself with keeping his Oscar collection as shiny as possible with his daughter, until they receive an email from DOCTOR WHO showrunner Steven Moffat demanding Jackson’s presence in Cardiff in order to film the episode.

So desperate is Moffat that the Doctor himself shows up in Jackson’s house to deliver a letter from Moffat, with Jackson under the impression that the Doctor might be a FedEx employee. You can watch the hilarious video via his Facebook page here!

Jackson has been hitting the headlines recently as much speculation has been made over the past few months regarding his possible involvement with the show. Although this clip neither confirms or deny Jackson becoming part of the show, one would think this is going quite a long way if it turns out to be nothing more than a tease.

However, even if it is nothing more than a tease, this clip can still be taken as a brief parody of DOCTOR WHO fandom – Lord knows we’re a ravenous bunch!

Source – Deadline

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