UK Trailer & Release Date For Takashi Miike’s YAKUZA APOCALYPSE

Posted on Nov 30 2015 - 2:25pm by Craig Hunter


Mixing the gangster genre with horror is something we don’t see enough of, with possibly only John Landis’ INNOCENT BLOOD one of the few I can recall. That said, acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike is the latest to try to pit mobsters against monsters in the bonkers YAKUZA APOCALYPSE.

Set for select UK cinemas January 6, 2016, Miike’s latest project is set in the ruthless underworld of the Yakuza, where it’s discovered legendary crime boss Kamiura is a vampire. However, just as his immortal lifestyle is undone, he passes his powers to trusted understudy Kageyama to seek revenge.

From prolific and controversial director, Takashi Miike comes this action-packed horror containing all of his bizarre, yet fun signature style. Due to his sensitive skin, Kageyama is ridiculed by his fellow Yakuza clan members for being the only one who cannot be branded with their signature tattoo. When Kamiura, the fearsome Yakuza boss who also happens to be a bloodsucking vampire is brutally killed by a competing clan, he passes on his vampire powers to his loyal lieutenant. Now Kageyama is transformed into a bloodthirsty monster who will stop at nothing to avenge his former boss.

Check out the brand new UK trailer for the film starring Yayan RuhianRirî FurankîHayato Ichihara, Lily Frankie, Pierre Taki, Yoshiyuki Morishita and Denden.

Source: Manga UK

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