Countdown To New Year: The Best TV Moments Of 2015

Posted on Dec 31 2015 - 11:00am by Matthew Reay

The end of the year is coming as we bid a farewell to 2015 but what have we seen from this year? In our Countdown To New Year we’ll be picking some of our best bits from 2015 in film and TV, from the best moments to those gosh darn overrated films we haven’t heard the end of. So, before we get started, we all from ScreenRelish would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. Let’s see what 2016 has in store for film!

So, we’ve kicked off our Countdown To New Year now with a bang and now it’s time to have a look at the small screen with what’s been going on there. 2015 has seen some epic TV and shocking moments throughout the year, but what have been the best? What have been the highlights in TV moments from 2015 and what have been some of the best shows as well?

(Just a brief warning, SPOILERS are ahead!)


BREAKING BAD Is Back, Sort Of….

BREAKING BAD ended a few years ago and we’d finally seen the end to Mr. White and Jesse Pinkermen’s drug rein, but one character got a special return in the form of a brand new show, all dedicated to him and that’d be BETTER CALL SAUL. The year started off with the Netflix and AMC ran series kicking off to a jet start with Saul Goodman starting off the episode looking back over old videos, before the series jumped all the way back before the days of BREAKING BAD to a time Saul was only known as Jimmy McGill.

The series fascinated me, having Saul as not a massive point in the BREAKING BAD series but still great enough to earn a series himself. The origin of McGill, his family story and basically how he gets completely boned by everyone was brilliant and even how he slowly develops his little lonesome law firm into a dangerous criminal network. The series had it’s own storyline within the characters, but it mainly revolved around Saul, or should I say Jimmy, as he creates (or tries to) a name for himself in the law firm industry. With little luck he finally understands he has to go about it in other ways, bringing on good old Mike from BREAKING BAD to help out. That’s just the start to things!


ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Sees Caputo Get A Backstory

A great moment in the third season of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK saw some good character moments, although the overall story for season three lacked some, the characters were once again all the rage. One who stepped out of the shadows of the female inmates was male character Caputo. The head of the prison who likes to spend time in his office masterbating.

Little has been known about Caputo in the past but his role really came forward in season three as he was pressed by higher ups to cut jobs and change the prison, but other than that we got a great backstory to his character. It was revealed the boring Caputo was once in a band and they thought they might be successful, in fact the story started off with Caputo playing in bars after work before we saw a younger version of himself start playing in a garage. It all fell apart for Caputo as his beautiful girlfriend fell pregnant by his best friend and eventually Caputo lost his band, his girlfriend and his dreams of being successful.


DAREDEVIL’s Hallway Scene

To get us started I’m going back to April this year as Netflix and Marvel displayed their magnificent series DAREDEVIL in 13 glorious episodes. The show itself has seen a right mix of love from fans, but also being labelled as overrated by many at the same time. Me personally, I loved the series thinking it felt very refreshing after the slew of Marvel films we’ve had. We finally got to step into that dark ring in the Marvel Universe, something many thought we may not ever see with their family(ish) friendly films.

Going back on the dark and disturbing side of things, DAREDEVIL didn’t back away as we got one of the best TV fight scenes in history from the hero. The series did well managing to display numerous scenes of Matt Murdock’s DAREDEVIL fending off the bad guys in any means necessary tactics, but one scene took breaths away and is still being talked about now and that’s the hallway fight scene. When off on a mission to save a young girl, Murdock enters a building to confront far too many bad guys. The long take shot is never going to fade away in cinematics and DAREDEVIL showed some new means for it as we follow the title hero down the hallway as he takes out the bad guys, entering rooms as we just hear thuds and shatters, it was damn gripping TV for us all. Also another quick mention has to be Wilson Fisk smashing a guys head in with a car door, ouch!


GAME OF THRONE’s Farewell To Jon Snow

This has been a huge talking point this year, as is much of GAME OF THRONES when it’s on air, but season five of the huge hit HBO series saw things take quite the turn from the normal. As we all find in many of our favourite shows, we get a tendency to attach ourselves to certain characters, many attracting Jon Snow. After what seemed like a semi poor series in some aspects managed to have a cataclysmic few final episodes as we saw Snow and co fend off some White Walkers in a gut wrenching sequence of events.

The final moment of GAME OF THRONES season five managed to sweep us all away as Jon met a dastardly end by his fellow crows. Jon hasn’t met eye to eye with all his black brothers but the season five finale saw the very end to it all as many gathered to take him out. In what seemed like a simple conversation between them all soon led to many Nightwatch members stabbing poor Jon repeatedly in a scene that broke fans hearts. The series actually ended with Jon dying slowly in the snow as the camera focused on his face for one final breathless moment. Of course, the question lies is he really dead, as many are asking, but we’ll have to wait till April for season six of this brutal character killing series for the true answers.


THE WALKING DEAD’s Mystery Fate Of Glenn

Now, let’s get things straight, I’m actually slightly annoyed at THE WALKING DEAD for not pulling this off in the way they showed. Season six of the huge hit AMC series, THE WALKING DEAD, has seen somewhat of a slow start. We’ve seen the characters hauled up in Alexandria with little to do but talk to one another. Nobodies crazy (much), they don’t have any villain out to get them, and things just seemed far to okay. Well, alright, not totally considering they had a huge horde of walkers heading there way.

We saw mid-way through season six a character seem fatally killed. Glenn, one of the few original characters still remaining, seemed untouchable at this point in the game as he’s diced with death one too many times before. This time really saw the end with no escape as himself and Nicolas end up cornered by walkers, literally nowhere to go. Nicolas takes the smart sense way and decides to just take his own life, but as the pair stand on a bin together surrounded, his now dead body actually ended up dragging Glenn down with him. As we see walkers tear into what seemed like Glenn, we all met a gasp as a fan favourite bit the bullet. It’s wasn’t like we’d seen it before as we have with many fan favourite characters, because remember THE WALKING DEAD isn’t scared to get rid!

We pondered the fate of Glenn for weeks, was he dead, did he survive somehow? It was word around everyone, even people coming up with their own theories as to how Glenn could survive. Me personally, I thought he was a goner, I was a huge fan of the character but I hoped he was dead, why? Well, just so THE WALKING DEAD could show us who’s boss, not the fans it’s the show! Sadly, a few episodes after weeks of debate between fans, his fate was revealed, that of him surviving the torment and grizzly end. Although this was let down in the end, the actual slip and slide of whether he made it or not was what has made this a big TV moment of this year.

Luther 1

LUTHER’s Return!

One big thing this year was the return of Idris Elba in his perfect role as DCI John Luther for the BBC drama series LUTHER. It was a glorious two episodes as we saw Elba don the tweed coat yet again and their wasn’t a moment we didn’t love. LUTHER has been set for a return for far too long, ending it’s third series on quite a high and huge point, but of course that wasn’t his end farewell as he once again has returned and been dragged back into the seedy and dark world of being a London detective.

The two episodes found him hunting down a cannibal whilst dealing with a big time London criminal after his head and also finding out what exactly was going on with our favourite Alice, who sadly didn’t show up in the two part episodes. It was great to see LUTHER back on the small screen and despite not necessarily having a singular best moment, we had some outright cries of joy at some points, especially when he knocks on a door uttering police, to a reply what police and LUTHER standing in his slumped yet aggressive way with ‘the police!.’ Also, pointer, don’t mess with Elba when he’s got a carefully placed bin in his hand, he’ll take you out!

So, we’ve had a big and epic year for TV, but that’s it. What lies ahead for 2016 and can it out do this years TV moments and shows?


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