Disney Chairman Robert Iger Confirms New INDIANA JONES Movie

Posted on Dec 31 2015 - 11:35am by Fred McNamara

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The fusion of the internet, Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, and Chris Pratt’s Harrison Ford-esque persona have resulted in month’s worth of speculation as to whether or not a fifth (and possibly final) INDIANA JONES movie will be made.

Steven Spielberg himself has expressed a casual desire to produce a fifth instalment with Ford himself donning the whip and fedora once more, months after rumours that the franchise may be rebooted with galaxy guardian and raptor dude Chris Pratt at the helm.

Now however, a new source appears to have confirmed that INDIANA JONES 5 will happen, and it’s none-other than Disney Chairman himself Robert Iger. Speaking to Bloomberg News regarding STAR WARS, he, much like Spielberg, casually slipped in mid-conversation that a new INDIANA JONES film now seems to be certain:

“With George Lucas’s Star Wars — and Indiana Jones, by the way, which will be coming, we have more great stories, and I think in a world where there’s far more content and intellectual property and great choice, I think great stories still stand out.”

Harrison Ford may be kept busy with the rebirth of STAR WARS, but owing to his unfortunate fate in THE FORCE AWAKENS, who knows how free his calendar might now be in the years ahead.

If Disney were successful enough to coax Ford back into the Millennium Falcon, having Ford don the infamous fedora should be easy as pie on paper, however it remains to be seen if Disney have as big a plan for INDIANA JONES as they do for STAR WARS.

Given that THE FORCE AWAKENS is the first chapter in a new trilogy, combined with spin-off films, giving the same treatment to INDIANA JONES would surely be unnecessary overkill. Fans might however thrill in seeing one last solid adventure from everyone’s favourite thrill-seeking archaeologist, particularly given the cool reception the last INDIANA JONES film, KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, had.

Source – Comic Book Movie

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