FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season Two Coming In April; Season To Be Split

Posted on Jan 9 2016 - 7:21pm by Matthew Reay


Many took Robert Kirkman’s FEAR THE WALKING DEAD with a pinch of salt labelling the first season plain and slow. Personally, I thought it was very interesting seeing how the world reacted to the end of the world type scenario whilst also having those family ties, but bigger than the way THE WALKING DEAD achieved.

Season two was revealed before the first was even aired and AMC, clearly being well ahead of themselves, have brought forward the release date as well. The second season is expected to land April 10, which is surprising considering the series only finished back in October before THE WALKING DEAD started it’s sixth season.

With this news, obviously we got some other information as well. With the series kickstarting roughly when THE WALKING DEAD wraps its season six finale, the second season of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD will be taking on the same form of its counterpart as it will split its second season in two.

We’ll be seeing seven episode of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD from April 10 onwards before a short hiatus, then the series will return for another batch of episodes, eight to be precise. Seemingly AMC are aiming for the second batch of episodes to land later in the year, perhaps when the first season started so it’ll flow in with THE WALKING DEAD’s seventh season premiere a week later.

AMC are really pushing forward with the WALKING DEAD world they’re creating as FEAR THE WALKING DEAD follows similar footsteps of the originals series by episode count and splitting season style.

THE WALKING DEAD returns with it’s mid-season premiere on February 14, while FEAR THE WALKING DEAD’s season two premieres April 10.

Source: ComicBook.com 

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