300 Producer/DOCTOR WHO Writer Plotting Futuristic Robin Hood Movie

Posted on Jan 30 2016 - 9:25pm by Fred McNamara


Despite Lionsgate’s forthcoming ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS perhaps having its eye on becoming a definite take on the cult vigilante figure, that hasn’t stopped a Hollywood producer and comic book writer joining forces to piece together a rather… different take on Robin Hood than previous films have attempted, such as the musical farce from the early 1990s.

Gianni Nunnari, producer of 300, IMMORTALS, SHUTTER ISLAND, and 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, is producing a futuristic incarnation of the legendary outlaw. Tentatively titled ROBIN HOOD 2058, this looks to be in some ways the exact opposite of what ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS, a more period piece by comparison, is hoping to achieve.

Whilst plot details are sparse at this time, the basics include the movie being a “futuristic reimagining of Robin Hood” which will take place in a “dystopian London with a rogue MI5 agent on a mission to avenge injustice.”. Despite its distant future setting, scriptwriter Tony Lee has promised that it will “stay faithful to the legend’s source material.”

Lee is something of a veteran of popular entertainment scriptwriting, having written various superhero titles for DC and Marvel comics, as well as scripts for audio drama masters Big Finish for their various DOCTOR WHO spin-off titles. Lee has also written DOCTOR WHO comics for IDW and Panini Comics, and is a NEW YORK TIMES best-selling author. In addition to writing for such well-known properties, Lee has also scripted a Robin Hood graphic novel entitled OUTLAW: THE LEGEND OF ROBIN HOOD for Walker Books.

Until further information about ROBIN HOOD 2058 comes to light, we’ll be making do with ROBIN HOOD: ORIGINS’ 2017 arrival.

Source – Comic Book

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