Shooting Date Revealed For TRANSFORMERS 5

Posted on Jan 31 2016 - 11:59am by Fred McNamara


We have some news that every one of you will be delighted to know for sure! Like a dying Decepticon in a thunderstorm, the live-action TRANSFORMERS films continue to bring delight to the box office and sheer torture for everyone else, and we’re expecting no less from the upcoming fifth entry in the saga.

Ever since the revelation of Paramount constructing a TRANSFORMERS cinematic universe, the future of TRANSFORMERS 5 has been up in the air as it adjusts to the ever-growing schedule of sequels and spin-offs planned for the saga. The release date for TRANSFORMERS 5, at first set to come crashing into theatres this year, has since been pushed back to 2017.

That loose release date now most certainly appears set in stone, as My Entertainment has revealed that TRANSFORMERS 5 will begin filming in May this year.

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Aside from Mark Whalberg and Michael Bay returning for the film, no official snippets of plot or cast as been revealed yet. That hasn’t stopped a barrage of rumours taking flight regarding the film’s premise, which may see such plot strands as the Transformers returning to their home-world Cybertron, such classic characters as Ultra Magnus, Rodimus Prime and Cyclonus making their debut, and a possible introduction of the planet-devouring monster Transformer Unicron.

Should any of these rumours prove true, this gives TRANSFORMERS 5 a feeling that it is certainly setting things up for taking the saga deep into cinematic universe territory, emphasised by the fact that the Akiva Goldsman-led brains-trust of writers building this shared universe confirmed that five extra films are in the works, along with Hasbro confirming that TRANSFORMERS 6, 7, and 8 are in development. Oh joy!

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