Five Video Games We Want To See Adapted For The Big Screen

Posted on Apr 29 2016 - 12:00pm by Matthew Reay

The video game to movie adaption is always a talked about subject, mainly because it’s a topic that has very much failed. How many brilliant video games have you seen adapted into good films, exactly, but it’s still always a talked about thing with ideas and rumours going round that certain hit games are coming to a big screen.

The switch seems like an odd thing that it doesn’t happen more enough, mainly because a hit book is guaranteed to hit the big screen in some sort of adaption and not often is that a huge success either, however it still happens. Also more recently we’ve been seeing TV shows being given the big screen treatment, along with Japanese anime also being another big point for film reels.

With the recent RATCHET & CLANK, a Sony Playstation game that’s been given such treatment for a big screen origin story appearance, we’ve listed the five games we want to see on the big screen in future.



Gears of War has been at points rumoured as in development, but it’s never happened and the huge hulking meat heads of characters would be pretty difficult to set on screen, but still I’d love to somehow see this film. The franchise follows Marcus Fenix and his team of rag tag fighters against the Locus, creatures that live in the ground. Despite their being plenty of run and gun action with a side order of gore, the story is pretty interesting with some series emotion packed in at points.



A Playstation exclusive of people suddenly getting powers due to an explosion. Now, the original games followed Cole, a man who developed electrical abilities and playing as him you had the choice to be either a hero or a villain. Of course this would be tricky to develop those both sides into a film, but as superhero films build on more and more hype these days, hitting the box office full force this could be a serious contender if a studio considered it.



By far my top game series, although the final in the trilogy did have fans sulking for months, the story is almost perfect. The series follows Commander Shepard who seeks to gather a team together to put a stop to an ancient alien force thats spreading through the galaxy to reset everything as they’ve done time and time again. Now, although the ending didn’t play up to fan expectations, Shepard is one of the best video game characters there is, plus a whole sci-fi space world to travel in isn’t too bad either.


2 – HALO

One of the long running video games series on the sic-fi level from the 90’s Halo follows Master Chief, a super soldier Spartan who’s just always ready for battle. The character is usually the main force to be reckoned with whilst fighting the Covenant, an alien brigade set to rule everything, plus the addition of the Flood, an ancient alien zombie infection that spreads and wants to also take over everything. This series has more sic-fi action punches than anything else on this list and a Halo film has been much awaited by fans forever with development dipping in and out, but at the moment nothing is going on. Perhaps Neil Blomkamp could take the reins once he’s done with ALIEN?



Finally the number one spot. Anyone who’s even seen a glimpse of The Last Of Us would know why this has to be the number one game for a movie adaption. It’s fantastic, energetic and damn right emotional from start to finish. The story follows Joel, a man who’s just lost in the post-apocalypse world as a fungal infection has transformed people into zombie creatures. Joel comes across Ellie, a foul mouthed girl who’s immune to the infection and needs to be transported across country to a rebel alliance for a cure. Along the way they come across fiends and foes, as well as the infected and a merry bunch of killer Hunters. Like I said, the game is filled with emotion as you grow connected to the Joel and Ellie relationship and it almost plays out as a film itself. Although it is supposed to be in development, word on where the film is at has gone quiet but please make it happen!

Other honourable mentions that just have to be thrown in is Bioshock, a horror esque game that would look beautiful on the big screen. Also the Fables comic developed game, The Wolf Among Us, is so rich in a twisted folk-lore story, it’d be just what people would be looking for some darker fantasy storytelling.

So, that’s our list of games we’d love to see adapted onto the big screen but are there any that we should have mentioned?

RATCHET & CLANK is in theatres today.

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