The Rock Officially Cast As Shane Black’s DOC SAVAGE

Posted on May 30 2016 - 7:54pm by Brandon Benarba


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to prove why he is one of the biggest names currently working in Hollywood. Not only does he exhibit a natural charisma, but he is openly passionate about his work and projects. One such project is DOC SAVAGE, which Johnson has officially confirmed his long rumored involvement in.

Posting to Instagram, the actor confirmed that he has signed on to play Clark “Doc” Savage, who Johnson describes as “A F*UCKING HILARIOUS WEIRDO!” DOC SAVAGE is being directed Shane Black, who is co-writing the script alongside his writing team Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry.

Labeled the “Man of Bronze,” DOC SAVAGE is often credited as the inspiration behind DC’s Superman. He was trained from birth to be the pinnacle of human strength and intelligence by his father and a group of scientists. However, Johnson claims that his and Black’s interpretation of the character will zero in on the “weird” aspect of the character, creating a Superhero unlike any other.

DOC SAVAGE is not Johnson’s first superhero role, as the actor has been attached to play the Egyptian villain Black Adam in DC’s SHAZAM, which has been stuck in development for awhile.

This is just one of the many roles Johnson is currently attached to. He is currently filming FAST 8, before starring in the JUMANJI remake. Johnson is also attached to 2017’s BAYWATCH remake, as well as the BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA remake. He will appear in both CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE and Disney’s MOANA later this year.

Presumably, DOC SAVAGE will start production after Black finishes Fox’s THE PREDATOR.

Source: Instagram

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