CARS 3 Concept Art Teases Story Details, New Hispanic Character

Posted on May 31 2016 - 8:08am by Brandon Benarba


With Disney Pixar’s FINDING DORY swimming into theaters within the following month, the studio has begun teasing whats next from the acclaimed animation studio. Little is known about the next CARS sequel, but new concept art released teases returning characters as well as a new character.

According to USA Today, the brown vehicle seen in the concept art is a new Latino character named Cruz Ramirez (continuing the car-pun naming convention). Ramirez is described as a “young, Hispanic female race car” who will teach Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen some much needed new tricks.

CARS 3 director Brian Fee says the character is “trying to figure out how this old dog [McQueen] can learn some new tricks.”

The third CARS film will follow series protagonist Lightning McQueen much later in his career, with people waiting for the aged racer to give up racing. Ramirez will help McQueen close the gap between himself and the impressive up-and-comer Jackson Storm. The film will be entirely set within America, and feature stops at historical race sites throughout the country.

CARS 3 sees voice actors Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Bonnie Hunt, and Cheech Marin returning. The remainder of the cast has yet to be announced. The film is set to premiere on 16th June, 2017; a date originally planned for TOY STORY 4.

Source: USA Today


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