Han Solo Prequel Film Begins Filming In January 2017

Posted on May 31 2016 - 7:45am by Brandon Benarba


Earlier this month we officially learned that Alden Ehnrenreich will be playing the young version of Han Solo in Chris Miller and Phil Lord’s anthology film, which had over 2,500 actors trying out for the part. While the directing duo continue to chip away at pre-production on the galactic smuggler’s solo feature, we now know when the principal photography is set to begin.

Screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan – who had a hand in penning EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, RETURN OF THE JEDI, and last year’s THE FORCE AWAKENS – recently took part in a Q&A where he reaffirmed fans expectations in the project, citing the talent of the directors as reason to be excited.

“You know, Chris Miller and Phil Lord are going to direct it. They’re great, funny and imaginative and we’ve had a great time together. My son [Jon] and I wrote the script and Chris and Phil are working on it and they’re about to move to London to start shooting in January. And it should be fun.”

With a shooting schedule now in place, fans should expect to learn more information regarding the film in the coming months. It has already revealed that the film will also include Han’s longtime Wookie pal Chewbacca. No other actor or characters have been revealed for the project, but it has been long rumored that a young Lando and Boba Fett could appear in the prequel film.

The anthology film is bittersweet for longtime STAR WARS fans as it serves as Kasdan’s swan song for the franchise. Despite no longer working on scripts for the film, Kasdan does confirm he will be working with director to brainstorm general ideas for the overarching narrative.

“[Star Wars Episode 8 Director] Rian [Johnson] is a friend of mine. I’m getting to know Colin Trevorrow, who is going to direct Episode 9, so I feel very involved with it.”

STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE opens on 16th December, followed by EPISODE VIII on 15th December, 2017. The HAN SOLO ANTHOLOGY FILM is scheduled to open on 25th May, 2018.

Source: Screenrant

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