Eight Things We Want From The JUSTICE LEAGUE Film

Posted on Jul 31 2016 - 11:23am by Matthew Reay


Last week we got the SDCC JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer and despite filming only going on for a short time and release dates not being for well over a year away, the film already shaping up to be very different from BATMAN V SUPERMAN.

Now, of course we only got a very brief glimpse at what’s to come in the Warner Bros./DC comic book film, but there’s a few things we’re really hoping they include, so here’s eight things we want to see in the JUSTICE LEAGUE film next year:

More Fun Than Zack Snyder’s Previous Outings


Now, BATMAN V SUPERMAN was dark and that’s alright. It’s already been established the DC universe will probably be dark and gritty, but it could still be lighter. The JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer already looked like they’ve changed that direction as it felt more fun, so hopefully it wasn’t just a show for the teaser and instead it’ll retain it through the film.


Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 19.25.40

Jason Momoa managed to seriously win over people with his grunts and brief words in the teaser, but we want this AQUAMAN to blow all those fish jokes out the water. The character can be brilliant in the comics, but due to his powers he does manage to get some grief over what he does. Hopefully Momoa’s version will strike more badass-ery into the film and character for future.

Comedian FLASH


Ezra Miller gave us a few laughs as Barry Allen, aka the FLASH, in the teaser, but will that be it or will we get more? Barry Allen is a jokey FLASH, struggling to take things seriously and hopefully we get a more of a fun and comedic FLASH, especially with his young age as well. Including CYBORG in the film might lighten that character up as well with their similar ages.

CYBORG Lightening Up

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 19.27.53

Vic Stone is a great character, but he could be a bit dark and miserable for the JUSTICE LEAGUE film. It’s understandable why he’s always on a down, being a teen and having most of his body obliterated and forming a technology body around that becoming the young hero CYBORG. With that said, fingers crossed FLASH can bring some smiles around and we’ll have a few robot jokes from CYBORG towards the end when he’s trying to lighten up.

BATMAN Strategising And WONDER WOMAN Leading


One thing we’ve rarely seen fully is how great BATMAN is at planning and strategising. In the Nolan films it always felt like BATMAN was just one step ahead of everyone but no real strategy was seen, hopefully the JUSTICE LEAGUE will see him strategise against their enemy using each member to the best of their abilities. With WONDER WOMAN in the front row as well, hopefully with no SUPERMAN and both Diana and Bruce siding together and forming the team as one, we may get to see WONDER WOMAN lead the group into battle rather than dive head first in her self.

Hints At GREEN LANTERN And Martian Manhunter


GREEN LANTERN CORPS is coming in 2020, so we’re hoping we get some sort of hints, teases or reveals to the GRENE LANTERNS or a word of Hal Jordan, Kyle Gardner or John Stewart in the film. It is odd that one of the prime Lanterns in the JUSTICE LEAGUE isn’t featuring in the film, but maybe CGI wise it’ll already be packed. As for Martian Manhunter, I’d just love some John Jonz tease or some hint that he’s out there. For me he’s one of the most interesting members of the JUSTICE LEAGUE with his alien deliverance and trying to fit into Earth and humans.

Bring Back SUPERMAN Towards The End


Spoiler alert, SUPERMAN died at the end of BATMAN V SUPERMAN, prompting Bruce and Diana to form the JUSTICE LEAGUE in case they ever get a big bad again, but what if JUSTICE LEAGUE kept SUPERMAN dead a little longer? If we got Supes back towards the end of the film, this may deliver a stronger film with them not being supported by the man of steel.

More Of A Darkseid Tease


BATMAN V SUPERMAN teased out Darkseid in a  weird future vision from Bruce, but hopefully we’ll see some better teases from one of the JUSTICE LEAGUES biggest villains. We’ll be seeing one his generals in JUSTICE LEAGUE as Steppenwolf will be the big bad.

JUSTICE LEAGUE hits theatres November 17, 2017.



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