FX’s X-MEN LEGION Series Could Be Connected To Marvel Universe

Posted on Jul 31 2016 - 5:59pm by Matthew Reay


In a way to expand their comic book outings, FX will be bringing us LEGION, a new series part of the FOX X-MEN world. Now, FOX own the rights to X-MEN and FANTASTIC FOUR, and they’ve looked at making that universe a bit bigger with their latest series.

Originally FX did have planned another series titled HELLFIRE, but that looks like it’s fell through, instead LEGION will take it’s place but we don’t really know what’s going on with it. The character itself is a big part of the Marvel comics and happens to be Professor Xaviers son. Now, the TV series itself has been mentioned as being apart of the FOX X-MEN films and also being an alternate universe itself as well. The two ideas have gone back and forward and we won’t really know anything until the series is released next year.

With LEGION, it could possibly be that it’s part of the Marvel Universe as well. On the Marvel site, it’s been posted all the characters for Marvel from SDCC who made an appearance and it looks like LEGION is one of those going along with CAPTAIN MARVEL and AGENTS OF SHIELD Ghost Rider.

Although there’s been no confirmation exactly that LEGION will be part of the universe and it could also turn out that it’s just on the site due to Marvel having a hand in creating it perhaps as FOX don’t retain the full rights to the comics on TV.

This probably doesn’t mean anything about the Marvel universe as I highly doubt we’ll see anything about LEGION crop up anywhere, but could this one day mean FOX and Marvel Studios wills settle their differences, shake hands and form an ultimate universe with characters crossing from both? We can always hope.

Source: Marvel.com

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