Will Charlie Hunnam Show Up In SONS OF ANARCHY Prequel Series?

Posted on Jul 31 2016 - 10:33am by Matthew Reay


SONS OF ANARCHY was a FX series that ran for several years featuring the motorcycle gang, the SONS OF ANARCHY, and their rise to power and problems. Featuring Charlie Hunnam as the main character, it also had Ron Pearlson as well, with Kurt Sutter being the creator and writer of the series after his work with FX on THE SHIELD many years before.

Of course with any great series, nobody wants it to end, including the people behind it and that’s why a prequel series is being discussed and considered. The question is, will Charlie Hunnam be apart of it, or will he at least show his face in the prequel?

“I do believe it is happening, but I don’t think I’m a part of it, because I wasn’t born when that was happening,” Hunnam told Entertainment Tonight. “I believe it’s sort of like an origin of motorcycle culture in America,” he added, but then conceded, “I’m really just making it up, because I don’t know any facts.”

So, we can take that as a no I guess and we won’t be seeing Hunnam’s Jax Teller return to the bikes once again. That being said, do we need a prequel to SONS OF ANARCHY? The issue with the original series is it started to seriously dwindle story in the later seasons and didn’t quite know what direction to head into.

Sutter is working on a prequel series at the moment, which will be focused on the Mayans, another motorcycle group in the original series, and this prequel is being titled MAYANS MC. The series will be a dark family drama, similar to SONS OF ANARCHY, but this time with a mainly large latino cast.

Source: ComicBook.com

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