Posted on Aug 25 2016 - 4:57pm by Lewis Stephenson


Director: Karen Guthrie

Cast: Ann Guthrie, Ian Guthrie, Karen Guthrie

Running Time: 87 minutes

Rating: PG

Director Karen Guthrie, in narrating her documentary, says at one point ‘The closer we get, the less we can hide’. So it’s very admirable that she paces this film as well as she does, considering the amount of things there is to get through over the course of the short running time.

THE CLOSER WE GET concerns her family and the circumstances that they all find themselves currently in when mother Ann suffers a stroke, but that’s not the whole story. Guthrie, as director, juggles the changing opinion of the film very well. She injects a calm over everything as she goes back to tell their story, which is anything but the norm. The reveals come in a strong manner, almost with no build at all, as if you’re a member of the family experiencing it for the first time yourself, which makes them all the more powerful because you’ve gotten to know Karen, Ann and father Ian. She offers a warts-and-all look into their lives and what’s there is eye-opening, but not without family.

As a character in the film, Guthrie takes the dutiful daughter role as she aids for her ill mother and almost always has a contemplative manner about her as her, and our, feelings switch on what’s happened/happening in their lives. She doesn’t get frustrated at things, but rather accepts what’s happened, musing on just how they got to where they are.

THE CLOSER WE GET is an intimate and unflinching look into family life that’s unconventional but full of love.


THE CLOSER WE GET is available on VOD from 31st August and on DVD from 5th September.

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