COLLATERAL BEAUTY Shows Will Smith Tackle Love, Time & Death In First Trailer

Posted on Sep 7 2016 - 6:00pm by Matthew Reay


Will Smith feels like he’s truly back in business. He starred this summer in SUICIDE SQUAD so he’s got his action style back and he’s returned with his drama in CONCUSSION, but it’s time for round two with COLLATERAL BEAUTY.

The story sees Smith’s character face a very difficult time in his life, a shell of the man he used to be with his mind consumed by love, time and death. With a  pretty star studded cast, this is one to not miss for sure. Check out the first trailer for COLLATERAL BEAUTY below:

Smith is one of my biggest go to actors for whatever sort of film I’m after. The guy can do comedy, he can do action, but to be honest I’m always most interested in his drama films. THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS and SEVEN POUNDS just went to show Smith is one of the best actors of our day so I’m sure COLLATERAL DAMAGE is a film not to be missed.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE hits theatres December 16.

Source: Warner Bros.

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