Joe Carnahan And Frank Grillo Are Planning A New Take On THE RAID

Posted on Feb 15 2017 - 9:27pm by Lewis Stephenson


Joe Carnahan and Frank Grillo have confirmed that they are working a re-imagining, not a remake, on Gareth Evans’ THE RAID.

The plan is have a new take on the basic concept of THE RAID, wherein a Iko Kuwais’ Rama and his S.W.A.T. team become trapped in a tower block full of criminals and must fight their way out. Carnahan has re-written the script and will direct the film with Grillo taking the lead. Evans is involved, he’ll produce the film

Carnahan is currently working on the third BAD BOYS film, BAD BOYS FOR LIFE. Grillo can be seen on television in KINGNOM now and has BEYOND SKYLINE, which, coincidentally, he co-stars in with Kuwais, and Akiva Goldsman’s STEPHANIE.

Source: Joe Carnahan

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