Drew Goddard Joins DEADPOOL 2 Writing Team

Posted on Feb 24 2017 - 11:25am by Lewis Stephenson


Ryan Reynolds’ DEADPOOL announced himself that a sequel would arrive for the film that smashed records last year. Just when that film is arrives, however, is still not known but we do know that Drew Goddard has joined the writing team.

Goddard’s role is as a “consultant” and he’ll work alongside Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who are still writing the screenplay. Goddard’s hiring is a smart move, the film encountered some issues when Tim Miller stepped down as director but he was swiftly replaced by David Leitch.

Goddard has been working on DAREDEVIL for the past few years and recently penned THE MARTIAN. He’s developing a sci-fi adaptation entitled DEPARTURES and is also writing the screenplay’s for THE SINISTER SIX and ROBOPOCALYPSE. DEADPOOL 2 has a tentative release set for next year and, elsewhere in the X-Men Universe, Joe Carnahan was hired yesterday to write the X-FORCE film, a team we could see teased in DEADPOOL 2.

Source: Collider

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