Danny DeVito To Reunite With Tim Burton For DUMBO

Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 12:45pm by Lewis Stephenson


It was earlier this week that another Tim Burton alumni Eva Green was announced for the film, but now Danny DeVito has also joined the cast of Burton’s live-action DUMBO.

Burton and DeVito obviously worked together on BATMAN RETURNS, MARS ATTACKS! and BIG FISH and he joins the directors latest, if reports are to be believed, as the lead. Green was noted as the co-star when she was announced earlier this week but may not yet work with DeVito who is currently arranging the film around his Broadway commitments. DeVito would be playing Medici, the owner of a small circus that is taken over the villanous Vandemere, who has trapeze artist Colette (Green) in her corner.

Ehren Kruger has penned the script with no set release date just yet.

Source: Deadline

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