Team Relish


Craig Hunter – Founder, CEO and Editor-In-Chief


A connoisseur of all cinematic and small-screen genres, particularly horror, Craig’s favorite films include THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, JFK, JAWS, GOODFELLAS, MIDNIGHT RUN & A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. He cites John Carpenter as his reason for a love of film after growing up in the 1980s with THE THING & HALLOWEEN on constant loop! He also is a long-suffering supporter of Newcastle United hence his usual sourpuss expression. The above image needed to be doctored.


Lewis Stephenson – News Coordinator, Reviews Coordinator


An active watcher, lover of the cinematic universe and always abiding thanks to The Dude. Drinker of tea, reader of comics/books, watcher of television. Soundtrack to my life is DRIVE, childhood was dominated TOY STORY. Credit Tom Hanks in BIG for sparking my love of the silver screen. Graduate from the University of Hull in English & Film.


Jon Encarnacion – North American Features Editor


Touring space and time through the comfort of his HDTV, Jonathan’s favorite films include: THE MALTESE FALCON, IRON MAN, IP MAN, INFERNAL AFFAIRS II, KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI, EVANGELION 2.0, L’APPARTEMENT, THE FOUNTAIN and BANILEUE 13. Generally, he loves any film with a good heart, but has a particular affinity for Sci-Fi.

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Amy “Cinemynx” Menell


Lifelong cinema cognoscente, born and bred New Yorker finding peace in Boulder, Colorado, where she studied film with Stan Brakhage at The University of Colorado. Professional something, adoring mother, loving loyal friend and instigator of all great times. Survivor of punk rock the first time around but can’t make it through a romantic comedy.


Hope Madden


Hope Madden is weirdly tall and wore a patch on one eye long before pirates were cool. She’s reviewed films for newspapers, magazines and websites since 2000, and though she enjoys all of it, horror is her sweetheart. She and her husband George Wolf share the website and host the monthly horror series Fright Club in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Their son is all manner of awesome, their cat is dead but not forgotten, and Hope swears that her twin sister Joy is the evil one, but secretly she wonders…


George Wolf


George is a radio DJ and voiceover specialist who has been reviewing films in print and online for almost ten years. He operates the website with his wife Hope Madden (the better-looking half pictured above) and together they host various film events in Columbus, Ohio, including a monthly horror film series called Fright Club. George is a blessed cancer survivor who is a big fan of sports, music, his Harley, staying fit and oh yeah…MOVIES!


Amelia Conway


Amelia is a snack enthusiast. She frequents cinematic establishments to sample the delicacies on offer. Occasionally watches films too. Currently living in an Audrey Hepburn movie in Paris (except without all the designer clothes and charming but ageing movie star by her side). The other half of Girls on Film, with fave flicks including: ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, HIGH SOCIETY and AN EDUCATION.


Fred McNamara


Before joining ScreenRelish, Fred worked as a reserve pilot for International Rescue, an honorary agent of U.N.C.L.E, was killed several times by the Mysterons, and failed numerous times in helping Patrick McGoohan escape from The Village. Nowadays, Fred enjoys calling himself a scribbler because he’s too messy to be a genuine writer. Ten of his favourite films include CASABLANCA, DIRTY HARRY, THE TOWERING INFERNO, QUADROPHENIA, MURDER BY DEATH, ALIEN, THE STING, VERTIGO, THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI and HELL DRIVERS. He is also a graduate of Hull University in Creative Writing and Film Studies.


Holly Thicknes


Holly is a girl from London who likes watching films and then showing them to other people. Her goal in life is to go trough the teleportation-splice machine from The Fly with Charlie Chaplin, Cruella DeVil, Frida Kahlo and Raymond Briggs. When not working on the blueprints of the above, she is the purveyor of filmic musings on Girls On Film (female-focused film philandering). Everyday she spares a thought for the following films: THE SHINING, WITHNAIL & I and  THE APARTMENT.


Jeff Alexander


Born to three first  names in 1983, Jeffrey William Alexander is destined to be a determined protector and defender of man (if you subscribe to the old Germanic meaning). Otherwise, his trajectory is leading him to become known throughout the world, if not for his bravery, then his whit and word-smithing. Equal parts active and passive, if he’s not working (a day job) or writing, he is just as likely to be watching a movie or reading a comic book as he is hanging out at the gym or playing a game of softball. In a quest for balance he forever toils, juggling whatever life throws his way until he reaches Valhalla (or any kind of notoriety in life). Honoured to be of the House ScreenRelish, Jeff pledges his pen to the cause.


Julia Malahovska


Julia is a person of mixed European heritage, originally hailing from a fabulous city of Riga – hence the unpronounceable surname. When she is not watching ‘Jamie’s 15 minute meals’, cooking and listening to 80s funk music (usually all together), she enjoys rambling around London and discovering new cinemas. She owes her passion for film to the one and only Pedro Almodovar, and favourite films include ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER, WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, PARIS/TEXAS, THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS and yes, THE NAKED GUN. Julia also runs her own culture space JUICE.


Alicja Johnson


Alicja is currently working on a BA in Communication at George Mason University in Washington, DC. She’s an avid writer, violinist, and film enthusiast. Alicja is crazy about films with intricate symbolism and thought- provoking themes – some of her favorites are INCEPTION, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and THIS IS THE END. Ever since she saw it when she was twelve years old, SPACEBALLS has been her all-time favorite movie, and it probably will always be (until they release a comparable Harry Potter parody film).



Rachel Willis


Rachel is a MFA student pursuing her degree in Creative Writing at Fairleigh Dickinson University while holding down a full-time job in educational publishing. Aside from being an active writer, Rachel is an avid film watcher with a soft spot for horror movies. Rachel’s top ten favorite films are: AMADEUS, Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN, THE THING, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, BAMBI, GOODFELLAS, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, WINTER LIGHT, and RAN.


Leslie Combemale


Leslie Combemale, aka Cinema Siren is a movie lover and aficionado who aspires to get more people back into the beautiful alternate worlds offered in the dark at movie houses across the country. She is the owner of ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery. She interviews actors, directors, and production artists from all over the world, and often presents at conventions such as the San Diego Comic-Con, where she has been a panelist and host for The Art of the Hollywood Movie Poster, Classic Film History, Disney animation & Harry Potter Fandom discussions. Visit her film art gallery at and see interviews and video reviews on her YouTube channel.


Jessica Daniela Peña


Born from Uruguayan heritage, Jessica Daniela Peña is a humble, self-proclaimed tea connoisseur and film enthusiast. She gravitates toward the more overlooked things in life. She loves indie films and Chuck Palahniuk novels, and she’s a sucker for anything directed by Richard Linklater. She’s currently working on an AA in Journalism at Volunteer State Community College in Tennessee, but one day hopes to get into a career full of writing. For now, blogging is bliss. Her favorite films include THE ODD COUPLE, NEW YORK I LOVE YOU, 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, DAZED AND CONFUSED, I SAW THE DEVIL, and HER. You can read her movie reviews and random thoughts over at her Cinemabliss blog.


Cat McAlpine


Cat is a writer, actor, and artist with a day job in Columbus, Ohio. She also writes reviews for MaddWolf, and runs a blog that is supposed to be about film and theatre, but is mostly just long personal rants. Cat often describes her life as the first 15 minutes of a romantic comedy, an analogy best evidenced by the fact that she was once caught in the rain twice in one day. Cat’s first love is sci-fi, and some of her favorite films include SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, SNOWPIERCER, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, DRIVE, WINTER’S BONE, and AVATAR.

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    My name is Jack and I am a writer for loaded magazine. I’m about to leave the company and am seeking opportunities to continue writing about film. A friend of mine recommended your website and I was wondering whether there might be an opportunity to contribute to the excellent work you do. I love film and am keen to write about it as much as possible. At present I would be seeking any voluntary, unpaid opportunities rather than freelance work, so if you could let me know if anything is available – whether it’s writing a review, feature, news or listical, I would be keen. I am based in central London and free most evenings thanks, Jack

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